A little about Us  

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Areas of expertise: 

Building Client Relations, Vacant Homes, Residential Appliance and HVAC Repair, Instruction. 

Your Home Is Important To Us


At Atlantis Home Services we pride ourselves in the way we take care of our clients. From the first greeting, Atlantis will be there when you cannot, making sure your home stays the way you left it. Weekly/bi-weekly walk-throughs will aid us in keeping your home in tip top condition preventing any minor problems from becoming major ones.  

  What sets Atlantis apart from the rest is our experience in the service industry.  Owner Tyler Voss, has worked in the residential air conditioning and appliance repair business since 2005.  With over 15,000 service calls worth of knowledge and meeting with home watchers and property managers on a regular basis, he saw several areas where the traditional type of home watch service could be expanded on and improved.

 While the traditional home watcher is great in all the tasks they accomplish, most cannot service and fix ALL of your residential appliances. Also, the home watch person/company would have to call you, then you call a service company and pay minimum $99 just for them to show up. With Atlantis Home Services.. you don't have to. With our service agreement, we will take care of all service call and labor pricing. Leaving you with only the cost of the part! 

  Employing the knowledge of running service calls has enabled Atlantis to create a comprehensive walk-through that will greatly minimize the risk of any major problems with your home.  Also knowing these common problems has helped us create a maintenance routine that keeps on top of these issues, allowing us to prevent all the inconveniences that are typical with a Southwest Florida home. 

Company Profile

Quick Bio 


Owner Tyler Voss, was born in Southwest Florida and has lived here most his life.  Graduating from Estero High School in 2006, he then moved to North Carolina to pursue a career in Nascar.  While North Carolina was great, it wasn't home.  So he returned to Southwest Florida and started a career as a technician in residential air conditioning, eventually moving into residential appliance repair and has honed his craft ever since.  Having local roots gives Atlantis Home Services an advantage over the competition by knowing the climate and other quality contractors and service providers that care as much about your home as we do.