Appliance Repair Services in Fort Myers FL

Service Agreements are the core of what Atlantis Home Services stand for. The Agreement combines our knowledge of Appliance Repair and Home Watch Services. Agreements include:

  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly Walk-Through's.
  • Detailed reports of your homes condition after every Walk-Through. 
  • Service Calls and ALL Labor is included at no charge for your appliances, you only pay for parts!
  • One opening and Closing included per year. 
  • Any other customizable options to meet your every need. 


Atlantis' Service Agreements are different from all the others because we don't hide any "exclusions" into the contract. Like, "your appliance is too old", or my favorite, "we don't cover that part". Why pay all that money just for the other company to deny any help in your time of need. Being upfront with Honesty and Transparency helps us ensure that you stay happy with Atlantis Home Services for years to come!    

Appliance Repair & Home Watch Service Options

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Home Watch

Traveling back and forth from you Southwest Florida Home/Condo can be stressful enough.  So why add the stress of worrying about your home's condition while you are away?  With Atlantis, you don't have to.

Weekly/Bi-Weekly walk-through's include a comprehensive inspection of 150 to 200 items for Single Family and Town Homes.  For Condo's we have an inspection of 100 to 150 items, with the average based off square footage. After the Walk-Through, the client is emailed a copy of the inspections, including a picture of their home and any recommended or immediate action items found.  In any situation, Atlantis can quickly take action and either fix the problem or coordinate with a quality contractor and oversee the repair to completion.  

Coming back on short notice and don't have supplies?  Atlantis can do the shopping for you!  Send us a list of items needed and when you arrive, your home will be fitted with everything you asked for. 

Home Maintenance Plan

Have you ever looked up inside the water/ice dispenser housing on your refrigerator? You may be surprised by what you see. All that black on the plastic, is mold. That mold forms around the ice chute, and can fall into your glass if not taken care of every so often. Atlantis Home Services can take care of that and so much more! 

Air conditioning filters need to be changed every 30-60 days while here, and every 90 days while away. Don't spend thousands of dollars on an air conditioner/s, only to shorten its life by neglecting regular maintenance. Replacing filters regularly can extend the life of the unit for years. Which equals a big savings to you!

Atlantis Home Services cares about your home and will always treat you like family.  Schedule an appointment today and let Atlantis Home Services maintain, and keep watch over your Southwest Florida home. 


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Appliance Repair

When we say we work on all residential appliances, we mean it! Refrigerators, Ovens, Stoves, Microwaves, Dishwashers, Disposals, Compactors, Washers, Dryers, Under Counter Ice Machines, Under Counter Refrigerators, Wine Coolers, Wine Rooms, Gas, Electric. All Manufacturers too! If we can get parts, we can fix it!